Case Study: Neom Beach Games (Neom, Oct 2023)


At the Neom Beach Games in October 2023, our team led the production and strategic deployment of crucial visual elements. Overseeing the production of impactful signages, print materials, and VAPP stickers, I contributed significantly to enhancing participant engagement and event navigation.

Specific Contributions and Impact:

  • Signage and Print Material Production: Efficient production of signages and print materials enhanced event visuals and facilitated navigation.

  • VAPP Sticker Production: Overseeing VAPP sticker production significantly improved participant engagement and event highlights access.

Overcoming Challenges:

  • VAPP Hurdle: During VAPP production, an unforeseen hurdle demanded a redo of all VAPPs. Despite the challenge, the team managed to reconstruct them within the timeline.

Client Satisfaction and Achievements:

  • Client Satisfaction: Despite the setback, delivering quality VAPPs within the timeline left the clients extremely satisfied.

Strategies and Notable Achievements:

  • Adaptability and Timely Delivery: Overcoming the hurdle showcased the team’s adaptability and commitment to timely deliveries.

  • Enhanced Participant Experience: The produced visuals significantly improved functionality and participant experience during the Neom Beach Games.

Key Insights and Implications:

  • Resilience and Client Satisfaction: Overcoming production challenges while meeting client expectations underscores our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

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