Enhancing UNESCO Event Experience (Riyadh, Sep 10-25, 2023)


During the UNESCO event in Riyadh from September 10th to 25th, 2023, our team took charge of producing and strategically deploying crucial visual elements. I supervised the production of impactful signages, print materials, and VAPP stickers, contributing significantly to attendee interaction and event navigation.

Specific Contributions and Impact:

  • Signage and Print Material Production: Our team efficiently produced signages and print materials. These elements served as informative guides and thematic additions, enhancing the event’s visual appeal and facilitating seamless navigation.
  • VAPP Sticker Production: Overseeing the production and distribution of VAPP stickers greatly improved attendee engagement and facilitated easy access to event highlights.

Strategies and Achievements:

  • Efficient Production Management: Meticulous planning ensured the timely and effective deployment of visual
    elements, seamlessly integrating them into the event’s framework.
  • Operational Excellence: Collaborative efforts ensured precise production and seamless distribution
    of visual materials.

Execution and Notable Achievements for Investors:

  • Timely Deliveries: Delivering all visual elements ahead of schedule demonstrated our commitment to operational efficiency in production and distribution.
  • Enhanced Event Experience: Our produced visual elements significantly improved functionality and enhanced attendee experience during the event.

Key Insights and Investor Implications:

  • Production Proficiency: Efficiently managing production logistics highlighted our capability to deliver exceptional outcomes within specified constraints.
  • Investment Value: Demonstrating effective production strategies showcases scalability, presenting a promising investment opportunity.

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