Case Study: Red Sea Film Festival (Jeddah, Nov 30 - Dec 9, 2023)


During the Red Sea Film Festival in Jeddah from November 30th to December 9th, 2023, our team played a crucial role in producing essential visual elements. Overseeing the creation of VAPPs, signage, print materials, and significantly expanding vehicle branding, We contributed to enhancing the event’s visual identity and impact.

Contributions and Impact:

  • VAPP Creation: Crafting interactive VAPPs provided engaging access to event highlights and information.
  • Expanded Vehicle Branding: Originally planned for 450 cars, our team extended branding to 650 vehicles, significantly amplifying event visibility and brand promotion.
  • Signage and Print Materials: Precision in producing these elements facilitated seamless navigation and enhanced event communication.

Achievements and Strategies:

  • Interactive Engagement: VAPP creation aimed to elevate attendee interaction and immersion into event offerings.
  • Exceeding Vehicle Branding Expectations: Expanding to 650 branded vehicles showcased our adaptability and commitment to amplifying event visibility.
  • Operational Excellence: Meticulous production of signages and print materials contributed to functional aesthetics and event communication.

Key Insights:

  • Scalability and Adaptability: The substantial increase in vehicle branding highlighted our ability to scale operations and surpass initial expectations.
  • Enhanced Event Presence: The comprehensive approach significantly enriched attendee interaction and elevated the festival’s visibility.

Future Considerations:

  • Adaptable Solutions: Emphasizing flexibility in meeting and surpassing client expectations through scalable visual solutions for future events.

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