Case Study: Bashayer Project (Riyadh, Completed Mid-Dec 2023)


The Bashayer Project completed in Riyadh in mid-December 2023 witnessed our team’s involvement in elevating the project’s visual elements. Overseeing the fleet branding and production of print materials, our contribution enhanced the project’s visual identity and communication.

Contributions and Impact:

  • Fleet Branding: Crafting impactful branding for the fleet vehicles significantly increased brand visibility and recognition across Riyadh.
  • Print Materials Production: Precision in producing print materials facilitated effective communication and information dissemination for the project.

Achievements and Strategies:

  • Enhanced Brand Visibility: Effective fleet branding contributed to heightened visibility and brand recognition across the project’s areas.
  • Communication Precision: Meticulously produced print materials ensured clear and effective project communication.

Key Insights:

  • Brand Enhancement: Our comprehensive visual approach significantly contributed to the project’s heightened brand visibility and communication.
  • Functional Communication: Providing precise print materials facilitated seamless communication and information dissemination for the project.

Future Considerations:

  • Innovative Visual Solutions: Pioneering new visual strategies to further enhance brand communication and visibility for upcoming projects.


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